Dazed and Confused

Got inspired on how the characters dress up in one of the best films of all time – dazed and confused, while keeping it in line with the series of outfit posts I’ll be doing for summer. It’s basically about putting up a look that can endure the summer heat, or in other words comfortable, and at the same time, a look that will still give flare to your outfit.

Shorts has always been a staple during the summer season and if you’re going to ask me, the shorter the better! Haha. Why? Aside from the reason of letting you walk and move freely, I find guys who wear “short-shorts” more fashion forward than those who still wallow on the lengthy ones. Cuff your shorts for a more head-turning look!



I’m a big fan of street wear and if there’s one thing that street wear maniacs would always wear, it’s definitely the high socks + sneakers combo. Printed socks are also a plus if worn with a sick pair of shoes. Although my type of sick pair are those that are old, ragged, and dirty. Meh, not really, I just wanna get away with this dirty pair I’m wearing.

And just like what I said on my previous post, if you think you can wear button downs better than tank tops, then go for it! Show those gym buff what it really means to pull off a look. ;)



Sunnies from SUPER; Button Down from Topman | You have your own summer essentials, I have mine, and this pair of SUPERs happen to be my perfect companion this summer. I always get amazed whenever I wear them, probably because I feel like I’m always on “sepia” mode due to its lenses, which are made using Carl Zeiss lenses. For clothes, you can always rely on Topman. They have a wide range of clothes to choose from and they make sure to give you the hottest!


Button Down (Topman), Shorts (Topman), Sneakers (H&M), Sunnies (SUPER)

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Blue Copper

If there’s one thing we’ve all been waiting for, it’s definitely the start of summer vacation! No more sleepless nights, procrastinating & cramming moments, and heart-stopping results of exam. But nevertheless, despite the stress and all, it was still a good run for me. And as I close that chapter of my life, it’s time for me to focus on this blog, and update it every now and then (lakas maka-segue!).

Talk about the inspiration behind this outfit post, summer’s coming pretty fast but the weather is still unpredictable! Yes, it’s hot, there’s no doubt about it, but there’s this one thing that hinders my “summery” outfit – it’s the wind! That explains why I opted to layer just a little bit :)


I don’t know if it’s just me or you guys feel the same, but I find blue as the color of summer. I always get this relaxing feeling prolly because it reminds of the calm seas while sipping an ice-cold mango shake and enjoying the view. Ya’ll feel me? Fast forward to a summer getaway please?


Button down from Topman | This button down speaks summer! I love how the overall bird print complemented the color of the shirt which makes it really perfect for a quick summer look. Here’s a style tip: If you’re not fond of wearing tank tops or muscle tees in the beach or any summer destination, I suggest you go for a short-sleeved button down. Partner it with cuffed shorts or chinos and complete the look with a pair of trusty boat shoes and you’re good to go.


Button Down (Topman), Cardigan (Terranova), Chinos (Bench), Boat Shoes (Timberland)

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Photos by: DJ Steven Cruz

P.S. As you can see, my blog is undergoing some major changes, and since I don’t wanna “close” it due to maintenance, I’ll keep it open for you to see the tweaks little by little, so please bear with me for just a few more days :) Thank You!

Sunny Side Up

Muscle Tees and Tank Tops with bold prints and patterns, partnered with distressed denims or the so-called “skater skirt” for girls, and finishing off the look with a pair of ragged sneakers or boots for a more head turning look, are just some of the “style essentials” I predicted that will be in trend this year. Stacking up on these clothes is also a smart move since they’ll work for the coming summer months as well. This is where I got my inspiration for this look. I’m all about experimenting different styles to give a new flavor not only to my blog but also to my personality.




To everyone who’s eating while reading this blog post, I hope you didn’t lose your appetite. Haha! Anyway, here’s a style tip for skinny people out there who are afraid to wear “showy” clothes. If you think tank tops are a little bit “off” to your body, I suggest you go for muscle tees. Muscle tees cover everything except your arms, unlike in tank tops, wherein your collar bones are overly exposed. And muscle tees are way more comfortable and breathable than tank tops. But the most important factor to consider when wearing these kind of clothes is definitely, confidence! Screw the haters! :)




Sunglasses from SUPER | Ahh! No words can describe how perfect this pair of SUPER sunglasses are! If I were to describe myself as a blogger, I’d certainly go for “the blogger who never removes his sunglasses”. And if you know me personally, you’ll notice that every time I go out of the house, it’s the sole item I’m carrying aside from my wallet. No bags and other stuff.
P.S. Just to clear things out, I don’t have an eye disorder or something. Lol

With this pair of SUPERs, I can now say that I’m ready for the summer heat! Aside from it’s stylish feat (clear frame and gold accents),  the lenses are also made using carl zeiss lenses which protect the eyes from harmful sun rays.


Muscle Tee (Forever 21), Skinny Jeans (H&M), Lace up Boots (Dr Martens), Sunglasses (SUPER)

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Photos by: DJ Steven Cruz
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Snake and Leather

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for my super creative blog post title, I got it from wittypedia. Second, I’ve been meaning to create an outfit post with this kind of title so yeah, get over it! Haha! On a more serious note, this blog post contains not only my first outfit post for the year, but also my first ever newspaper feature as well! All thanks to Philippine Daily Inquirer and my good friend Ronan Capili who shot these amazing photos.

The paper came out last Friday (February 7, 2014), and to everyone who grabbed a copy, thank you so much! Sorry for the very short notice, I also didn’t know that it will come out on that day until a friend tagged me. Lol. Anyway, I feel like doing a “reverse” outfit post only for today. I will be posting the pieces I wore from head to toe, and after that, I will reveal the entire outfit. Sounds good?  Well you have no other choice but to agree with my silly idea, because I’m the only one who manages this blog. Haha kidding! Let’s begin with the shirt!


Popular Demand’s “Risk it All” Snakeskin Tee from Greyone Social | This shirt is my new found favorite! The fitting is superb, the quality of the shirt is exceptional, and I just can’t get enough of the print! Aside from its dope design, I can’t remember how many times I rubbed it because of the snakeskin feel. Am I weird? Ya’ll have to check Greyone, they also carry Nike Roshes, Air Max and other known brands like 10 Deep and Stussy. They’re also on Sale too!


Leather Jacket from Forever 21 | Jackets may not be “in” this season because of the summer heat but believe me, this leather jacket won’t make you feel uncomfortable. The only leather in this jacket is its sleeve and the rest is made of cotton.


Watch from Timex | I’m not fond of using any other arm accessories aside from watches. No matter how ragged or lazy you look like, a simple yet elegant watch can easily turn you into a million dollar baby. Definitely my “good to go” accessory.


Lace up Boots from Dr. Martens | You can never go wrong with a pair of DMs! Bought this boots more than 2 years ago and they’re still as sturdy as ever! Dr. Martens promises you a lifetime of style and quality!

And for the entire look….


“Risk it All” Tee (Greyone Social), Leather Jacket (Forever 21), Grey Skinnies (H&M), Lace up Boots (Dr. Martens), Watch (Timex)

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(c) Paul Ramos for the newspaper photo

I got featured on the Lifestyle Section (C6) of the newspaper under the Style Predictions topic. Here’s what I told inquirer about my style prediction for 2014: “With music festivals just around the corner like 7107, I think hippie, boho, and indie will dominate the style scene. Muscle tees, tank tops, bold prints and patterns, distressed denims, and ragged sneakers too. It’s a good thing they’ll work for the coming summer months as well”

Speaking of my style prediction for this year, ya’ll have to stay tuned for my next outfit post, it has something to do with muscles tees! Don’t forget that my blog will also be undergoing major changes. February’s gonna be a blast!

CEO: Before the Common Era

After months and months of pure teasers, blurred photos, sneak peak of shoot locations and line sheets, Creative Elite Operation is now ready — more than ready (actually) to give you a heavy dose of what happened Before the Common Era! Mr. CEO took inspiration from the fearless and undaunted temperament of dinosaurs wherein they rule over everything, and even after extinction, they still remained to be the “talk of the town”, leaving a legacy that is unparalleled and unrivaled. Relating the collection to humans, CEO’s Spring 2014 collection is meant for the aggressive hustler with a strong personality. Expect a collection full of dinosaur skulls and prints with the mightiest dinosaur – T. Rex, in striking colorways of black, white, and red.

The collection is made up of hoodies, pullovers, tees, and a “T-Rex” flannel shirt. With the unusual drop on the temperature, which everyone agreed to call as the “sweater weather”, CEO made sure to drop their BCE collection just in time for situations like this! I say, endure the weather in sophistication – nothing more, nothing less, let CEO do it for you!

“Breeding a new generation of dinosaurs, we invite you to join our herd” – Mr. CEO

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