A Game

Thank God for a new blog post! Haha. Kidding aside, I’ve been itching to write this blog post for weeks already, but my hands are full with so much backlogs from school and work. Not complaining though, because I love what I’m doing especially with my newly acquired organization which I now treat as a family. Naks! Moving on, this will be my last installment for my “muscle tee” series, because the weather is now slowly shifting to what we usually call the “sweater weather”. Can’t wait to layer it up!




It’s actually a very simple look but if you examine it closer, you’ll notice that I kind of mixed three distinct pieces. I wore a muscle tee that has a grunge vibe, accessorized it with a snapback for a streetwear feel, and finished it off with a pair of dress shoes/brogues to make it look dapper. So you see, it doesn’t really have to be centered in just one style. Be versatile and try mixing pieces that usually don’t go well together and you might just come up with a style of your own :)



Muscle Tee from Forever 21 | Imagine, I got this dope shirt for only 300 bucks! It’s breathable, light, and can easily be paired with anything you have in your wardrobe. It also gives me “The Fault in our Stars” feels because of the phrase that’s written at the back. Lol.


Muscle Tee (Forever 21), Stretch Skinnies (Topman), High Cut Brogues (Dr. Martens), Aviators (Ray Ban), Snapback (Penshoppe)

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Photos by: Steven Cruz


Back to Black

I’ve been on the lookout for breathable tops and tanks these past few days to endure the summer heat, and I happen to stumble on this fresh-crisp looking muscle tee in a black colorway. If there’s one thing that is dominant in my wardrobe, it’s definitely black. I always get hooked whenever I spot on something that is easy to pull off and at the same time, challenges me to come up with different styles, so I tend to cop them right away. Anyway, here’s what I came up with.



Wore this look to a day full of errands and castings on the side, and I suggest you do the same, “Comfort while being in Style“. The moment I saw this muscle tee, I knew I had to come up with a sporty look to complement and give justice to the fine cut of the tee. I also wanted  to achieve a clean and subtle look so I kept everything as minimalist as possible.


The shorts-high socks-sneakers combo has been in trend lately but a lot of people think that it’s okay to pair things randomly. In this case, it would’ve been a fashion disaster if I opted to use a pair of printed socks in a light/pastel colorway because the focus would be on the print of the socks, not on the entire look itself, and I don’t want that to happen. That’s why if you kept everything at basic, the best way to do is to pair it with the same color or add up colors belonging to the same shade.


Muscle Tee (Forever 21), Shorts (Topman), Socks (Banana Republic), Sneakers (Nike), Sunglasses (SUPER)

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Photos by: Steven Cruz


Truth be told, but the only thing that makes me love music festivals aside from having a roster of good musicians is its vibe! I mean come on, who doesn’t feel ecstatic walking in a huge ‘playground’ filled with the coolest people who have undeniably good sense of fashion. Right? That’s where I got my inspiration for this look! Like what I’ve said in my previous post, whenever I put up a look, it’s either someone/something influenced me or that look describes me as a blogger or more so as a person.


This look is also part of the 5 looks I styled for my header which showcases my hippie/indie side. I knew I had to keep it simple so a muscle tee + plaid wrap around combo would do. Although, accessorizing is also a good option if you feel like experimenting a bit. Try to put on a headdress or a pile of killer shaman-like bracelets. Haha!


Muscle Tee from Forever 21; Plaid used as a wrap around from Cotton On | I always feel bad whenever I wear this plaid as a wrap around. I feel bad for my mom who constantly irons it thinking that I would use it as a regular shirt. Lol. But come to think of it, without this plaid as a wrap around, this would jut be an ordinary go-to look. Styling matters ;)


Muscle Tee (Forever 21), Plaid used a wrap around (Cotton On), Stretch Skinnies (Topman), Lace up Boots (Dr. Martens)

Leather and Jeans

After 3 weeks of hiatus, my blog’s finally back with a new layout, new sidebar, new set of headers, and of course, a new post! I’ve been quite busy lately doing the finishing touches of my blog’s relaunch and on top of that, I’m taking up 3 subjects this summer which literally swallows up all my time. But nevertheless, I’m still happy that I was able to deliver despite my busy schedule!

On to the outfit! This look is one of the 5 layouts I styled during the shoot for my header. I didn’t have enough time to pre-style any of them so I just took all the good clothes in my closet and put up 5 looks that best describe my personality. I had preppy, indie, dapper, casual, and this one happened to be the streetstyle look.


Basically, putting up a streetstyle look is as easy as donning an oversized black tee & a pair of sick kicks and you’re good to go. But in this case, I knew I had to spice it up a little bit and inject my own style. The snakeskin print of the tee alone exudes style so the best way to make it even more eye-catching is to add up something on the sleeves, so I thought of using a leather jacket that is quilted on the inside to make it breathable.

But don’t even try to wear something like this outside especially in today’s weather or you’ll pass out in no time! Haha!


Sorry for the photo, I think I was about to sneeze this time. Haha!

Risk It All Tee from Greyone Social; Leather Jacket from Forever 21 | I posted this kind of look already if you’re going to back read my posts, except that I wore the leather jacket in a much more complicated way this time. Haha! You can actually wear it like this if you’re up for the challenge to fix it every time it falls of, and only if the weather is cooperating ;)


Risk It All Tee (Greyone Social), Leather Jacket (Forever 21), Stretch Skinnies (Topman), Lace Up Boots (Dr. Martens)

Dazed and Confused

Got inspired on how the characters dress up in one of the best films of all time – dazed and confused, while keeping it in line with the series of outfit posts I’ll be doing for summer. It’s basically about putting up a look that can endure the summer heat, or in other words comfortable, and at the same time, a look that will still give flare to your outfit.

Shorts has always been a staple during the summer season and if you’re going to ask me, the shorter the better! Haha. Why? Aside from the reason of letting you walk and move freely, I find guys who wear “short-shorts” more fashion forward than those who still wallow on the lengthy ones. Cuff your shorts for a more head-turning look!



I’m a big fan of street wear and if there’s one thing that street wear maniacs would always wear, it’s definitely the high socks + sneakers combo. Printed socks are also a plus if worn with a sick pair of shoes. Although my type of sick pair are those that are old, ragged, and dirty. Meh, not really, I just wanna get away with this dirty pair I’m wearing.

And just like what I said on my previous post, if you think you can wear button downs better than tank tops, then go for it! Show those gym buff what it really means to pull off a look. ;)



Sunnies from SUPER; Button Down from Topman | You have your own summer essentials, I have mine, and this pair of SUPERs happen to be my perfect companion this summer. I always get amazed whenever I wear them, probably because I feel like I’m always on “sepia” mode due to its lenses, which are made using Carl Zeiss lenses. For clothes, you can always rely on Topman. They have a wide range of clothes to choose from and they make sure to give you the hottest!


Button Down (Topman), Shorts (Topman), Sneakers (H&M), Sunnies (SUPER)

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