CEO: Before the Common Era

After months and months of pure teasers, blurred photos, sneak peak of shoot locations and line sheets, Creative Elite Operation is now ready — more than ready (actually) to give you a heavy dose of what happened Before the Common Era! Mr. CEO took inspiration from the fearless and undaunted temperament of dinosaurs wherein they rule over everything, and even after extinction, they still remained to be the “talk of the town”, leaving a legacy that is unparalleled and unrivaled. Relating the collection to humans, CEO’s Spring 2014 collection is meant for the aggressive hustler with a strong personality. Expect a collection full of dinosaur skulls and prints with the mightiest dinosaur – T. Rex, in striking colorways of black, white, and red.

The collection is made up of hoodies, pullovers, tees, and a “T-Rex” flannel shirt. With the unusual drop on the temperature, which everyone agreed to call as the “sweater weather”, CEO made sure to drop their BCE collection just in time for situations like this! I say, endure the weather in sophistication – nothing more, nothing less, let CEO do it for you!

“Breeding a new generation of dinosaurs, we invite you to join our herd” – Mr. CEO

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Blue is the new Khaki

Men love blue.  Recently, blues have been the leading protagonist in menswear, and this emphasis on the new expression of blue is a key focus for Dockers new season collection. This season, no need to feel blue in blue, as Dockers presents a whole wardrobe that will suit your style from head-to-toe in a range of blues.Modern Classic Tops with Alpha Khakis in various Blues

Inspired by the Docker’s hometown heritage through its juxtaposition of San Francisco’s 1950’s Fillmore Jazz scene with the area’s technology boom of the 1980’s three decades later.  Both periods brought focus towards khakis as the ideal pant of choice.  The resulting collection is built off these surprisingly harmonious elements of combining sharp, tailored fits in refined fabrics with an effortless, almost detached sense of confident style and sophistication.

SF Khaki in Blue

Dockers this season, offers shades that are lighter and more playful with the introduction of fresh, sold mid-tones, tonal plaids and prints, such as herringbone, Prince of Wales checks and hounds-tooth options.  It will create a royal feel to your own expression of blue.

Conrad Medieval Classic Shirt

Alpha in Blue

Always ahead of the pack, Dockers Alpha Khaki offers a slew of blues that cover your need to be fashion forward this season.  Consider these different shades of blue — navy blue, scholar blue, harbor blue, midnight blue and the new blue; with more shades to choose from as the season progresses.  It will be your choice of fit from slim tapered to skinny, taking your style sense to a whole new direction.

Alpha Khakis in selection of Blues

Top it off with a selection of blue tees and shirts – be it a simple core tee in Darren and Dockers navy blue or a printed laundered shirt in Diego and Estate blue.  Completing a blue look that is definitely fitting for this season.

Ventura Blue Shirt

Comfortable Fit

Dockers created the D Fit in varying degrees to give men more choices in fit.  And if a more comfortable fit is your style, fret not with Dockers assortment of tops and pants that come in their own range of blues.

Dockers BLUES Collection

Docker’s signature 5-pocket gets an update in its “New Blue” color that matches well with Dockers Soft No Wrinkle Shirts or Dockers Premium Polo Pique.  And with these shirts, the blue choices are even more – take your pick, Bradford, Meridian, Jamie, Davenport, Omar, Vista and the list goes on.

Omar Medieval Blue

So the only reason to be in blue this season is Dockers Blues.

Leap of Faith

Disclaimer: This post is in no way related to my blog (fashion, photography, style, etc). I just felt the need to share with you guys what I’ve been working on for the past 2 months which will take effect this month until February, hence, a hiatus is necessary. Yes, as heartbreaking as it may sound, I have to do it. You guys keep my blog alive, so I have to inform you what’s going on with my life and why there will be “lesser” updates this time.

If you are following me on Twitter or we’re friends in Facebook, you already might have an idea as to what this post is gonna be or what this hulabaloo is all about. I’m one year away from finishing college and sooner or later, I’ll be working towards reaching my dreams. Having said that, I still feel that there’s something lacking, something I should try that will probably complete my entire stay in college. The moment I step foot in De La Salle University – Dasmarinas, and that was 2 years ago, I told myself that I won’t leave this place doing nothing, I want to impart something to the students, I want to serve them, I want to lead them! Yes, the one that you’re thinking right now is correct. I’ve devoted the past 2 months of my life preparing for this “battle”. I know it’s gonna be tough, it will eat up so much of my time, but in the end, I know it’s gonna be worth it.

I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for the longest time and when a friend asked me if I want to run in the student council, I didn’t hesitate and answered a big fat YES, because of two things. 1. It’s the missing piece that will make me say “I had fun in college!” and 2. I’ll be running under this party that I look up to in terms of service and commitment. I won’t say the name of the party but as proud lasallians, we too bleed GREEN. That’s why in all honesty, I don’t feel any pressure at all, because I have this group of people which I now consider as my family that will support me all the way. I know it’s very important to stand on my own feet, and modesty aside, I believe I have both the capacity and skill to lead and serve, but for the time being, I want to enjoy the company of the people whom I believe will change the odds this school year.

At first, I only wanted to run under my College because I know how toxic it can get if I run in a bigger scope or the so-called university wide elections. Plus, I also have this blog to manage and other responsibilities to both my family and friends. But for whatever reason, God somehow managed to push me even further, to work beyond what I know and what I can do. The world is a one big jungle, and if you don’t go out of your comfort zone, you might end up getting killed because the people around you will surely gonna eat you alive! Whenever I pray at night, my ending statement will always be like this “Let your will be done, Father”, because whatever situation I’m into right now, whether good or bad, I know God placed me there for a purpose, and I will never ever question Him.

I know this post will earn good and bad reviews and people might even accuse me of using my “power” as a blogger to market myself or my party. But just to clarify things, I made this post to inform my readers the real reason behind my blog’s hiatus that will result to fewer updates. In fact, if you noticed, I didn’t even mention my position in the upcoming elections nor my party. This will be my first and last post regarding this topic and I will never use this blog to campaign and beg for your votes. Just to sum up everything, my blog is going on a hiatus mainly because of the responsibilities I have right now in school. And just to make things a bit crazy, I will also be having a blog relaunch hopefully next month *cross fingers* together with my new logo, menu, and side bars! So for the time being, sit back, relax, and wait for my comeback!

Let me end this post by posting my power-pose selfie and my family’s groupie to cast away the dullness of this lengthy blog post. Haha!

justindp usccover

Although, if there’s one thing I’m gonna market, it has to be our college shirt! I encourage you guys to grab our “Business Operations Management” shirt. It comes in two types: a regular shirt, and a 3/4.



I’m not from BOM, can I cop the shirt too? YES, whatever college you’re into, you can still buy our shirt

Where can I place my order? Proceed to MTH108, or contact 09269575815 for more info

I’m from other school, but I want your shirt, will you still sell it to me? Of course, contact 09269575815 or me and we’ll see what we can do :)

NOTE: This post’s target posting date was actually the first week of January to notify you guys beforehand, but since today marks the start of campaign period, it’s the only time we can do such ‘marketing’. Although there is no provision regarding online campaigns, it somehow became a matter of “delicadeza” to me to avoid misunderstandings. But as you can see, I still didn’t mention my position nor my party even if I can now do that because just like what I’ve said, I will never use this blog to campaign myself nor my party in any way :) Thank you. Bow!

What’s in your stocking?

Last time I checked, I told you guys that December’s gonna be a big month for my blog, and yet I’m not posting anything! Haha. Well sorry for that, been busy for the past few weeks because of some “extra-curricular” matters, will post the details soon and update you what’s cooking! Let me take advantage of the Christmas season and ask for your forgiveness. Lol.

Anyway, on to the blog post! I’ve been meaning to create a top 10 list of gift ideas composed of almost anything (well not really, ’cause it’s my own set of Christmas wishes. Haha!). This will also come in handy especially if you don’t know what to give to your special someone. I swear, he will never dare leave you. Haha! Let me now reveal what’s in my “stocking“.

Nike Lunar Flynit Chukka Greyone

1. Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukka Blue Glow

Do I have to explain why? I mean come on, who on earth would refuse this kind of gift for Christmas!? The brand itself says “Buy me, I’m worth it”, and I couldn’t agree more! Although the only downside which flyknits have is its availability. Damn, they are so hard to find! But hold up, my one stop shop now carries it! Yeah?
Where to cop: Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5/Online)

Royalty Baseball Crewneck

2. Royalty Baseball Crewneck

I say, layer it up in the most fashionable way! Take advantage of the Christmas breeze, wear winter clothes, and make a statement with this crewneck sweater from Royalty Clothing! It has the athletic vibe which most sweaters don’t have and the Japanese encryptions at the back made it extremely superb! You have to have this!
Where to cop: Royalty Clothing – Online Store

Guerin SS Goods

3. S/S Supply Goods Guerin Button Down

Stop, Look, and Look closer! This is not your usual button-down offered by mainstream brands you find in malls. The collar and the “shoulder pads” were made to perfection with its contrasting colors and textures that perfectly suit its overall design.  And if you look even closer, S/S finished it off with dope front pockets!
Where to cop: Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5) or S/S Supply Goods Online Store

Dr Martens

4. Dr. Martens

Total head-turner! The only adjective that is fitting to describe this pair of Dr. Martens! Walk into a casino feeling like a boss and you might just scare everyone because of your extra card under your shoes! Haha!
Where to cop: Dr. Martens (Fort Strip, BGC)

Jansport x Benny Gold x Pendleton

5. Jansport x Benny Gold x Pendleton Bags

Calling all bag lovers, we have a three-way collab here from master bag maker, Jansport together with 2 of the most coveted street wear brands in the world – Benny Gold and Pendleton! The bag’s details will uplift any boring outfit! Life saver, indeed!
Where to cop: Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5/Online)


6. STUSSY x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Too ill to handle! Ya’ll know that something BIG is coming your way when you hear of a collab from two of the most influential street wear brands in the world – STUSSY and Converse. The use of crocodile leather is remarkable and as always, STUSSY’s iconic logo killed it!


7. The Artisan Clothing Kimono

You’ll meet overdressed people along the way because of the holidays, and what better way to steal the scene from them than to sport a kimono from The Artisan Clothing!?
Where to cop: The Artisan Clothing Online Store

Yuketen x Ronnie Fieg Snake Penny Loafers

8. Yuketen x Ronnie Fieg Snake Penny Loafer

First thing to consider when buying a pair of shoes is its sturdiness, and just by looking at this gorgeous pair of loafers from Yuketen and Ronnie Fieg, I can really say that this one is really hefty! Not to mention the impeccable use of snake skin. Totally worth it!


9. Benny Gold Socks

Stay Gold this Christmas with these sick pairs of Benny Gold Socks! Skaters would understand the essence of having striking socks! Lol. These are new drops and they are selling like hotcakes! Better grab yours now!
Where to cop: Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5/Online)


10. STATUS Magazine December 2013 Photo Issue

I swear, I didn’t see this coming. A cock on a magazine cover!? And for STATUS!? Seriously!? Well you can’t blame them, Maurizio Cattelan is one heck of a genius! This photo issue is extra special because the go sees were shot by THE Facehunter! Getting so curious? Get yourself one or two or more, now!
Where to cop: All leading book stores nationwide & Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5)

P.S. Just so you know, I made this post to give you an idea as to what I want to receive for Christmas and also for my Birthday (December 30, please save the date). Haha! Kidding! Happy Holidays to ya’ll!

All is Khaki and Bright

The holidays give you the perfect excuse to wear colors other than the boring selection of blacks, browns, and grays that make up 90% your wardrobe. ‘Tis the season to bring out hues that are merry and bright, and what better way to jingle bell rock the holiday’s trendiest colors than to sport Dockers Alpha Khakis in different shades of cool?

Khakis have never been this fun and stylish. With a rich variety of fits, cuts and colors that suit any personal taste and style, Dockers make fashion easy and uncomplicated even for the least fashion savvy men. What’s more, comfort doesn’t have to take the backseat. You can be stylish all you want, and still feel comfy in these tasteful pieces. No longer do you have to choose one over the other. Just like these Bright Colored Canvass Belts, the perfect pair for your khakis!

Bright Colored Dockers Canvass Belts

With endless Christmas parties left and right for you to go to this coming month, it would be nice to have the trendiest pairs of khakis ready. Start with Dockers Alpha Khaki Original Slim Fit. This series comes in a number of hip and bright colors that would go with every party theme and motif. If you want to look hot while still maintaining a conservative touch to your style, pick a pair in black paisley print or in herringbone stripe. The colors are far from bold but these pairs feature a subtle paisley or stripe pattern that adds just the right kind of flair to your look.

Meanwhile, for the more adventurous types who are game to wear some color, some of the most interesting shades are brick red, old rose, mid blue corduroy, oxide, pesto and bisbee blue.

Dockers Alpha Khakis

Now if you prefer slimmer and sexier, Dockers Alpha Khaki Skinny Fit is just the thing for you. It comes in a refreshing array of colors including Reflecting Pond (a vibrant version of teal), Forged Iron (an interesting shade of grey), Chino (beige), and light blue. A cross between jeans and khaki, the Alpha series’ Skinny Fit may be worn at casual events or at more formal gatherings. It features great fabric with just the right amount of stretch for maximum comfort.

Of course the Alpha Khaki Standard Fit never goes out of style and comes in classic shades and also in bright, fun ones. Don a more relaxed look with this collection that gives you a little more room than the Slim and Skinny Fits and choose among the different colors including dark pebble, rifle green, mid blue and reflecting pond.

All is Khaki and Bright with Dockers Alpha Khaki Red-Oxide, Oxford Shirt, Laundered Shirts and Canvass Belts

Spread the cheers this season by looking dashing and dapper—wear a bit of color and a little more of Dockers, and have a bright and wonderful Christmas!