A Game

Thank God for a new blog post! Haha. Kidding aside, I’ve been itching to write this blog post for weeks already, but my hands are full with so much backlogs from school and work. Not complaining though, because I love what I’m doing especially with my newly acquired organization which I now treat as a family. Naks! Moving on, this will be my last installment for my “muscle tee” series, because the weather is now slowly shifting to what we usually call the “sweater weather”. Can’t wait to layer it up!




It’s actually a very simple look but if you examine it closer, you’ll notice that I kind of mixed three distinct pieces. I wore a muscle tee that has a grunge vibe, accessorized it with a snapback for a streetwear feel, and finished it off with a pair of dress shoes/brogues to make it look dapper. So you see, it doesn’t really have to be centered in just one style. Be versatile and try mixing pieces that usually don’t go well together and you might just come up with a style of your own :)



Muscle Tee from Forever 21 | Imagine, I got this dope shirt for only 300 bucks! It’s breathable, light, and can easily be paired with anything you have in your wardrobe. It also gives me “The Fault in our Stars” feels because of the phrase that’s written at the back. Lol.


Muscle Tee (Forever 21), Stretch Skinnies (Topman), High Cut Brogues (Dr. Martens), Aviators (Ray Ban), Snapback (Penshoppe)

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Photos by: Steven Cruz


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