Back to Black

I’ve been on the lookout for breathable tops and tanks these past few days to endure the summer heat, and I happen to stumble on this fresh-crisp looking muscle tee in a black colorway. If there’s one thing that is dominant in my wardrobe, it’s definitely black. I always get hooked whenever I spot on something that is easy to pull off and at the same time, challenges me to come up with different styles, so I tend to cop them right away. Anyway, here’s what I came up with.



Wore this look to a day full of errands and castings on the side, and I suggest you do the same, “Comfort while being in Style“. The moment I saw this muscle tee, I knew I had to come up with a sporty look to complement and give justice to the fine cut of the tee. I also wanted  to achieve a clean and subtle look so I kept everything as minimalist as possible.


The shorts-high socks-sneakers combo has been in trend lately but a lot of people think that it’s okay to pair things randomly. In this case, it would’ve been a fashion disaster if I opted to use a pair of printed socks in a light/pastel colorway because the focus would be on the print of the socks, not on the entire look itself, and I don’t want that to happen. That’s why if you kept everything at basic, the best way to do is to pair it with the same color or add up colors belonging to the same shade.


Muscle Tee (Forever 21), Shorts (Topman), Socks (Banana Republic), Sneakers (Nike), Sunglasses (SUPER)

Hyper this look on LookBook: HYPE!

Photos by: Steven Cruz


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