Truth be told, but the only thing that makes me love music festivals aside from having a roster of good musicians is its vibe! I mean come on, who doesn’t feel ecstatic walking in a huge ‘playground’ filled with the coolest people who have undeniably good sense of fashion. Right? That’s where I got my inspiration for this look! Like what I’ve said in my previous post, whenever I put up a look, it’s either someone/something influenced me or that look describes me as a blogger or more so as a person.


This look is also part of the 5 looks I styled for my header which showcases my hippie/indie side. I knew I had to keep it simple so a muscle tee + plaid wrap around combo would do. Although, accessorizing is also a good option if you feel like experimenting a bit. Try to put on a headdress or a pile of killer shaman-like bracelets. Haha!


Muscle Tee from Forever 21; Plaid used as a wrap around from Cotton On | I always feel bad whenever I wear this plaid as a wrap around. I feel bad for my mom who constantly irons it thinking that I would use it as a regular shirt. Lol. But come to think of it, without this plaid as a wrap around, this would jut be an ordinary go-to look. Styling matters ;)


Muscle Tee (Forever 21), Plaid used a wrap around (Cotton On), Stretch Skinnies (Topman), Lace up Boots (Dr. Martens)


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