Leather and Jeans

After 3 weeks of hiatus, my blog’s finally back with a new layout, new sidebar, new set of headers, and of course, a new post! I’ve been quite busy lately doing the finishing touches of my blog’s relaunch and on top of that, I’m taking up 3 subjects this summer which literally swallows up all my time. But nevertheless, I’m still happy that I was able to deliver despite my busy schedule!

On to the outfit! This look is one of the 5 layouts I styled during the shoot for my header. I didn’t have enough time to pre-style any of them so I just took all the good clothes in my closet and put up 5 looks that best describe my personality. I had preppy, indie, dapper, casual, and this one happened to be the streetstyle look.


Basically, putting up a streetstyle look is as easy as donning an oversized black tee & a pair of sick kicks and you’re good to go. But in this case, I knew I had to spice it up a little bit and inject my own style. The snakeskin print of the tee alone exudes style so the best way to make it even more eye-catching is to add up something on the sleeves, so I thought of using a leather jacket that is quilted on the inside to make it breathable.

But don’t even try to wear something like this outside especially in today’s weather or you’ll pass out in no time! Haha!


Sorry for the photo, I think I was about to sneeze this time. Haha!

Risk It All Tee from Greyone Social; Leather Jacket from Forever 21 | I posted this kind of look already if you’re going to back read my posts, except that I wore the leather jacket in a much more complicated way this time. Haha! You can actually wear it like this if you’re up for the challenge to fix it every time it falls of, and only if the weather is cooperating ;)


Risk It All Tee (Greyone Social), Leather Jacket (Forever 21), Stretch Skinnies (Topman), Lace Up Boots (Dr. Martens)


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