Dazed and Confused

Got inspired on how the characters dress up in one of the best films of all time – dazed and confused, while keeping it in line with the series of outfit posts I’ll be doing for summer. It’s basically about putting up a look that can endure the summer heat, or in other words comfortable, and at the same time, a look that will still give flare to your outfit.

Shorts has always been a staple during the summer season and if you’re going to ask me, the shorter the better! Haha. Why? Aside from the reason of letting you walk and move freely, I find guys who wear “short-shorts” more fashion forward than those who still wallow on the lengthy ones. Cuff your shorts for a more head-turning look!



I’m a big fan of street wear and if there’s one thing that street wear maniacs would always wear, it’s definitely the high socks + sneakers combo. Printed socks are also a plus if worn with a sick pair of shoes. Although my type of sick pair are those that are old, ragged, and dirty. Meh, not really, I just wanna get away with this dirty pair I’m wearing.

And just like what I said on my previous post, if you think you can wear button downs better than tank tops, then go for it! Show those gym buff what it really means to pull off a look. ;)



Sunnies from SUPER; Button Down from Topman | You have your own summer essentials, I have mine, and this pair of SUPERs happen to be my perfect companion this summer. I always get amazed whenever I wear them, probably because I feel like I’m always on “sepia” mode due to its lenses, which are made using Carl Zeiss lenses. For clothes, you can always rely on Topman. They have a wide range of clothes to choose from and they make sure to give you the hottest!


Button Down (Topman), Shorts (Topman), Sneakers (H&M), Sunnies (SUPER)

Hype this look on Lookbook: HYPE!


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