CEO: Before the Common Era

After months and months of pure teasers, blurred photos, sneak peak of shoot locations and line sheets, Creative Elite Operation is now ready — more than ready (actually) to give you a heavy dose of what happened Before the Common Era! Mr. CEO took inspiration from the fearless and undaunted temperament of dinosaurs wherein they rule over everything, and even after extinction, they still remained to be the “talk of the town”, leaving a legacy that is unparalleled and unrivaled. Relating the collection to humans, CEO’s Spring 2014 collection is meant for the aggressive hustler with a strong personality. Expect a collection full of dinosaur skulls and prints with the mightiest dinosaur – T. Rex, in striking colorways of black, white, and red.

The collection is made up of hoodies, pullovers, tees, and a “T-Rex” flannel shirt. With the unusual drop on the temperature, which everyone agreed to call as the “sweater weather”, CEO made sure to drop their BCE collection just in time for situations like this! I say, endure the weather in sophistication – nothing more, nothing less, let CEO do it for you!

“Breeding a new generation of dinosaurs, we invite you to join our herd” – Mr. CEO

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