Blue is the new Khaki

Men love blue.  Recently, blues have been the leading protagonist in menswear, and this emphasis on the new expression of blue is a key focus for Dockers new season collection. This season, no need to feel blue in blue, as Dockers presents a whole wardrobe that will suit your style from head-to-toe in a range of blues.Modern Classic Tops with Alpha Khakis in various Blues

Inspired by the Docker’s hometown heritage through its juxtaposition of San Francisco’s 1950’s Fillmore Jazz scene with the area’s technology boom of the 1980’s three decades later.  Both periods brought focus towards khakis as the ideal pant of choice.  The resulting collection is built off these surprisingly harmonious elements of combining sharp, tailored fits in refined fabrics with an effortless, almost detached sense of confident style and sophistication.

SF Khaki in Blue

Dockers this season, offers shades that are lighter and more playful with the introduction of fresh, sold mid-tones, tonal plaids and prints, such as herringbone, Prince of Wales checks and hounds-tooth options.  It will create a royal feel to your own expression of blue.

Conrad Medieval Classic Shirt

Alpha in Blue

Always ahead of the pack, Dockers Alpha Khaki offers a slew of blues that cover your need to be fashion forward this season.  Consider these different shades of blue — navy blue, scholar blue, harbor blue, midnight blue and the new blue; with more shades to choose from as the season progresses.  It will be your choice of fit from slim tapered to skinny, taking your style sense to a whole new direction.

Alpha Khakis in selection of Blues

Top it off with a selection of blue tees and shirts – be it a simple core tee in Darren and Dockers navy blue or a printed laundered shirt in Diego and Estate blue.  Completing a blue look that is definitely fitting for this season.

Ventura Blue Shirt

Comfortable Fit

Dockers created the D Fit in varying degrees to give men more choices in fit.  And if a more comfortable fit is your style, fret not with Dockers assortment of tops and pants that come in their own range of blues.

Dockers BLUES Collection

Docker’s signature 5-pocket gets an update in its “New Blue” color that matches well with Dockers Soft No Wrinkle Shirts or Dockers Premium Polo Pique.  And with these shirts, the blue choices are even more – take your pick, Bradford, Meridian, Jamie, Davenport, Omar, Vista and the list goes on.

Omar Medieval Blue

So the only reason to be in blue this season is Dockers Blues.


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