Leap of Faith

Disclaimer: This post is in no way related to my blog (fashion, photography, style, etc). I just felt the need to share with you guys what I’ve been working on for the past 2 months which will take effect this month until February, hence, a hiatus is necessary. Yes, as heartbreaking as it may sound, I have to do it. You guys keep my blog alive, so I have to inform you what’s going on with my life and why there will be “lesser” updates this time.

If you are following me on Twitter or we’re friends in Facebook, you already might have an idea as to what this post is gonna be or what this hulabaloo is all about. I’m one year away from finishing college and sooner or later, I’ll be working towards reaching my dreams. Having said that, I still feel that there’s something lacking, something I should try that will probably complete my entire stay in college. The moment I step foot in De La Salle University – Dasmarinas, and that was 2 years ago, I told myself that I won’t leave this place doing nothing, I want to impart something to the students, I want to serve them, I want to lead them! Yes, the one that you’re thinking right now is correct. I’ve devoted the past 2 months of my life preparing for this “battle”. I know it’s gonna be tough, it will eat up so much of my time, but in the end, I know it’s gonna be worth it.

I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for the longest time and when a friend asked me if I want to run in the student council, I didn’t hesitate and answered a big fat YES, because of two things. 1. It’s the missing piece that will make me say “I had fun in college!” and 2. I’ll be running under this party that I look up to in terms of service and commitment. I won’t say the name of the party but as proud lasallians, we too bleed GREEN. That’s why in all honesty, I don’t feel any pressure at all, because I have this group of people which I now consider as my family that will support me all the way. I know it’s very important to stand on my own feet, and modesty aside, I believe I have both the capacity and skill to lead and serve, but for the time being, I want to enjoy the company of the people whom I believe will change the odds this school year.

At first, I only wanted to run under my College because I know how toxic it can get if I run in a bigger scope or the so-called university wide elections. Plus, I also have this blog to manage and other responsibilities to both my family and friends. But for whatever reason, God somehow managed to push me even further, to work beyond what I know and what I can do. The world is a one big jungle, and if you don’t go out of your comfort zone, you might end up getting killed because the people around you will surely gonna eat you alive! Whenever I pray at night, my ending statement will always be like this “Let your will be done, Father”, because whatever situation I’m into right now, whether good or bad, I know God placed me there for a purpose, and I will never ever question Him.

I know this post will earn good and bad reviews and people might even accuse me of using my “power” as a blogger to market myself or my party. But just to clarify things, I made this post to inform my readers the real reason behind my blog’s hiatus that will result to fewer updates. In fact, if you noticed, I didn’t even mention my position in the upcoming elections nor my party. This will be my first and last post regarding this topic and I will never use this blog to campaign and beg for your votes. Just to sum up everything, my blog is going on a hiatus mainly because of the responsibilities I have right now in school. And just to make things a bit crazy, I will also be having a blog relaunch hopefully next month *cross fingers* together with my new logo, menu, and side bars! So for the time being, sit back, relax, and wait for my comeback!

Let me end this post by posting my power-pose selfie and my family’s groupie to cast away the dullness of this lengthy blog post. Haha!

justindp usccover

Although, if there’s one thing I’m gonna market, it has to be our college shirt! I encourage you guys to grab our “Business Operations Management” shirt. It comes in two types: a regular shirt, and a 3/4.



I’m not from BOM, can I cop the shirt too? YES, whatever college you’re into, you can still buy our shirt

Where can I place my order? Proceed to MTH108, or contact 09269575815 for more info

I’m from other school, but I want your shirt, will you still sell it to me? Of course, contact 09269575815 or me and we’ll see what we can do :)

NOTE: This post’s target posting date was actually the first week of January to notify you guys beforehand, but since today marks the start of campaign period, it’s the only time we can do such ‘marketing’. Although there is no provision regarding online campaigns, it somehow became a matter of “delicadeza” to me to avoid misunderstandings. But as you can see, I still didn’t mention my position nor my party even if I can now do that because just like what I’ve said, I will never use this blog to campaign myself nor my party in any way :) Thank you. Bow!


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