What’s in your stocking?

Last time I checked, I told you guys that December’s gonna be a big month for my blog, and yet I’m not posting anything! Haha. Well sorry for that, been busy for the past few weeks because of some “extra-curricular” matters, will post the details soon and update you what’s cooking! Let me take advantage of the Christmas season and ask for your forgiveness. Lol.

Anyway, on to the blog post! I’ve been meaning to create a top 10 list of gift ideas composed of almost anything (well not really, ’cause it’s my own set of Christmas wishes. Haha!). This will also come in handy especially if you don’t know what to give to your special someone. I swear, he will never dare leave you. Haha! Let me now reveal what’s in my “stocking“.

Nike Lunar Flynit Chukka Greyone

1. Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukka Blue Glow

Do I have to explain why? I mean come on, who on earth would refuse this kind of gift for Christmas!? The brand itself says “Buy me, I’m worth it”, and I couldn’t agree more! Although the only downside which flyknits have is its availability. Damn, they are so hard to find! But hold up, my one stop shop now carries it! Yeah?
Where to cop: Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5/Online)

Royalty Baseball Crewneck

2. Royalty Baseball Crewneck

I say, layer it up in the most fashionable way! Take advantage of the Christmas breeze, wear winter clothes, and make a statement with this crewneck sweater from Royalty Clothing! It has the athletic vibe which most sweaters don’t have and the Japanese encryptions at the back made it extremely superb! You have to have this!
Where to cop: Royalty Clothing – Online Store

Guerin SS Goods

3. S/S Supply Goods Guerin Button Down

Stop, Look, and Look closer! This is not your usual button-down offered by mainstream brands you find in malls. The collar and the “shoulder pads” were made to perfection with its contrasting colors and textures that perfectly suit its overall design.  And if you look even closer, S/S finished it off with dope front pockets!
Where to cop: Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5) or S/S Supply Goods Online Store

Dr Martens

4. Dr. Martens

Total head-turner! The only adjective that is fitting to describe this pair of Dr. Martens! Walk into a casino feeling like a boss and you might just scare everyone because of your extra card under your shoes! Haha!
Where to cop: Dr. Martens (Fort Strip, BGC)

Jansport x Benny Gold x Pendleton

5. Jansport x Benny Gold x Pendleton Bags

Calling all bag lovers, we have a three-way collab here from master bag maker, Jansport together with 2 of the most coveted street wear brands in the world – Benny Gold and Pendleton! The bag’s details will uplift any boring outfit! Life saver, indeed!
Where to cop: Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5/Online)


6. STUSSY x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Too ill to handle! Ya’ll know that something BIG is coming your way when you hear of a collab from two of the most influential street wear brands in the world – STUSSY and Converse. The use of crocodile leather is remarkable and as always, STUSSY’s iconic logo killed it!


7. The Artisan Clothing Kimono

You’ll meet overdressed people along the way because of the holidays, and what better way to steal the scene from them than to sport a kimono from The Artisan Clothing!?
Where to cop: The Artisan Clothing Online Store

Yuketen x Ronnie Fieg Snake Penny Loafers

8. Yuketen x Ronnie Fieg Snake Penny Loafer

First thing to consider when buying a pair of shoes is its sturdiness, and just by looking at this gorgeous pair of loafers from Yuketen and Ronnie Fieg, I can really say that this one is really hefty! Not to mention the impeccable use of snake skin. Totally worth it!


9. Benny Gold Socks

Stay Gold this Christmas with these sick pairs of Benny Gold Socks! Skaters would understand the essence of having striking socks! Lol. These are new drops and they are selling like hotcakes! Better grab yours now!
Where to cop: Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5/Online)


10. STATUS Magazine December 2013 Photo Issue

I swear, I didn’t see this coming. A cock on a magazine cover!? And for STATUS!? Seriously!? Well you can’t blame them, Maurizio Cattelan is one heck of a genius! This photo issue is extra special because the go sees were shot by THE Facehunter! Getting so curious? Get yourself one or two or more, now!
Where to cop: All leading book stores nationwide & Greyone Social (Greenbelt 5)

P.S. Just so you know, I made this post to give you an idea as to what I want to receive for Christmas and also for my Birthday (December 30, please save the date). Haha! Kidding! Happy Holidays to ya’ll!


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