Scarlet Dreams

After weeks of hiatus, and not being able to work on my outfit posts, I’m now back with a look that you rarely see on my blog! Excited? You better be! Let’s just say that this is my introductory look for December, which is also my birthday month, so I want to keep things as breathtaking as possible!

Whenever I hear the word ‘Christmas’, the first thing that comes into my mind is the color Red, it’s the season wherein you can wear Red everyday and totally not care at all because no one’s gonna question you. Lol. Second is the Christmas breeze, since we are used to the hot weather, we take advantage of the temperate drop during Christmas season and layer as many as possible. This is where I got my inspiration for this look!

DSC_0222 DSC_0224

I’m actually not a big fan of sweaters because I find them uncomfortable, especially with the kind of weather that we have in the Philippines. But thanks to the Christmas season, we somehow get the privilege to wear winter clothes in the most comfortable way. It’s also a good time to experiment on clothes you’ve never worn before. So I highly encourage you guys to layer it up and take a break from your usual shirt + jeans combo. It’s exciting!


Sweater from Forever 21 | So much feels for this sweater! There’s this athletic vibe that’s going on because of the color contrast and I can’t help but swoon when I first saw it, so I bought it right away. But as heartbreaking as it may sound, I can no longer visit malls and do my Christmas shopping because of the pile of work I have in school. I bet you can all feel me because teachers/professors tend to rush things and get things done before Christmas break. BOOO!

Good thing, there’s this online shopping site that has everything I need, from clothes, shoes, accessories, and even gadgets! I have nothing to worry about because the shipping is freecash on delivery is allowed, and I can even return items for free! Plus, all my favorite brands are there! Shopping has never been this easy. All thanks to ZALORAI can now cop the items I’ve been wanting for the longest time at a discounted price! Merry Christmas, indeed!


Sweater (Forever 21), Stretch Skinnies (Topman), Brogue-Inspired Boots (Dr. Martens)

Hype this look on LookBook: HYPE!

Photos by: Neil Patrick Sheen Botardo


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