All is Khaki and Bright

The holidays give you the perfect excuse to wear colors other than the boring selection of blacks, browns, and grays that make up 90% your wardrobe. ‘Tis the season to bring out hues that are merry and bright, and what better way to jingle bell rock the holiday’s trendiest colors than to sport Dockers Alpha Khakis in different shades of cool?

Khakis have never been this fun and stylish. With a rich variety of fits, cuts and colors that suit any personal taste and style, Dockers make fashion easy and uncomplicated even for the least fashion savvy men. What’s more, comfort doesn’t have to take the backseat. You can be stylish all you want, and still feel comfy in these tasteful pieces. No longer do you have to choose one over the other. Just like these Bright Colored Canvass Belts, the perfect pair for your khakis!

Bright Colored Dockers Canvass Belts

With endless Christmas parties left and right for you to go to this coming month, it would be nice to have the trendiest pairs of khakis ready. Start with Dockers Alpha Khaki Original Slim Fit. This series comes in a number of hip and bright colors that would go with every party theme and motif. If you want to look hot while still maintaining a conservative touch to your style, pick a pair in black paisley print or in herringbone stripe. The colors are far from bold but these pairs feature a subtle paisley or stripe pattern that adds just the right kind of flair to your look.

Meanwhile, for the more adventurous types who are game to wear some color, some of the most interesting shades are brick red, old rose, mid blue corduroy, oxide, pesto and bisbee blue.

Dockers Alpha Khakis

Now if you prefer slimmer and sexier, Dockers Alpha Khaki Skinny Fit is just the thing for you. It comes in a refreshing array of colors including Reflecting Pond (a vibrant version of teal), Forged Iron (an interesting shade of grey), Chino (beige), and light blue. A cross between jeans and khaki, the Alpha series’ Skinny Fit may be worn at casual events or at more formal gatherings. It features great fabric with just the right amount of stretch for maximum comfort.

Of course the Alpha Khaki Standard Fit never goes out of style and comes in classic shades and also in bright, fun ones. Don a more relaxed look with this collection that gives you a little more room than the Slim and Skinny Fits and choose among the different colors including dark pebble, rifle green, mid blue and reflecting pond.

All is Khaki and Bright with Dockers Alpha Khaki Red-Oxide, Oxford Shirt, Laundered Shirts and Canvass Belts

Spread the cheers this season by looking dashing and dapper—wear a bit of color and a little more of Dockers, and have a bright and wonderful Christmas!


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