S/S Supply Goods: Reinventing the Classic

There’s a new brand on the rise!“. I say slash that thing off! That statement is in no way appropriate to be used/associated with Sans/Saison Supply Goods. S/S may be a new name in the industry, but the team behind S/S can already be considered veterans and masters in terms of creating timeless pieces and collection. Sans/Saison which means Without/Season promises to deliver clothes that are “MADE FOR ANYONE, ANY SEASON, ANYWHERE, ANY DAY“, and honestly speaking, they didn’t disappoint! S/S brought me to Cambodia when they released their first ever collection shot in the unrivaled beauty of the temple of Angkor Wat.

Sans/Saison’s Autumn/Winter collection is anchored on reinventing the classic by using fine-drawn details to make it exceptional and unparalleled. Starting off with no less than the classic plaid, S/S inventively made use of different prints and textures to suit the needs of the modern gentleman.

SS Cover

Note: You can enlarge the photos by clicking them

The collection consists of a series of plaids with different patterns and 5 panels in unique embroidery. Both the plaid and the 5 panel seem to be made for each other to attract even greater attention and commotion. The Reinhardt Coache’s jacket (comes with a detachable hood) and the Baudin 5 Panel Cap is a perfect combination with its hidden paisley pattern. Lastly, the plaid that literally gave me goosebumps (refer to the last photo on the gallery) is something that I would really splurge on! Why? Take a closer look on its details. This plaid’s design is made to perfection with its contrasting nude/beige lining on the shoulders, which is also paired with the same color on the collar, and finished it off with front pockets! Hands down, I swear!


How to cop? S/S Supply Goods is having a pop up launch party this coming Saturday, November 16 at 9pm in COVA Tapas y Sangria located in Jupiter Street Belair Makati. There will be an open bar on local drinks from 9pm onward and eargasmic beats by Nix Damn P and Migs Fuckin’ A. Also, in line with the recent catastrophic incident, S/S will be accepting donations of any kind and part of the proceeds of this pop up will also be donated. Come one, come all and let’s support this movement!

To get the latest updates from SS, you can check their page here: S/S Supply Goods
Follow them on twitter: SSGoods


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