Battle Royale

Don’t fret! This blog post is free from blood and violence unlike in the real battle royale film wherein students kill each other in order to win. But if there’s one thing in common between the film and this up and coming streetwear brand that I’m going to feature, they are both inspired by the Japanese culture and their newest collection will surely be a box-office hit just like the film.

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you’ll notice how I always fancy featuring homegrown/local streetwear brands who needs to be pushed in the spotlight not because they ain’t popular, but because their style and aesthetic is what the world needs. Royalty Clothing caught my attention when they released their collection entitled Groundbreaking” which consists of a series of baseball jerseys in 3 color ways: (black, white, and soft denim), a crewneck sweater, and a pocket tee. What I like most about this collection aside from my current obsession with baseball tees (refer Here & Here) is that Royalty made sure you’ll stand out from the typical streetwear scene. The pipings on the baseball jerseys were done to perfection, superb Japanese encryptions at the back, and the brand’s logo is actually my favorite. *Hands down*


Dying to get your hands on this dope collection? I heard they’re dropping it on November 11 so you better stay tuned! But for now, you can join their giveaway to win 1 baseball jersey and your 2 tagged friends will also win 1 baseball t-shirt each! You can check out their page to know the latest updates: Royalty Clothing and follow them on their Instagram Account: IG Royalty

S/O to Pau Martinez of CEO for hooking me up with Royalty!


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