The Artisan

The Artisan – One of the best independent brands I really look up to when it comes to creating masterpieces with unique style and precision is now back with a mind-blowing collection using different fabrics of black after a year or two on hiatus. They kept it sedate and pensive this time because according to them, this collection is “not meant to adorn but to be worn and treated as what they are; pieces of clothing”. But I beg to disagree on the adorn part, because the moment I saw the clothes, I told myself that “I wouldn’t mind waiting another year if this is the kind of collection they’d give us”, although I do hope they’re back for good this time around. I remember the time when I had to email and drop them a message on their fb page just to get hold of a certain piece from their past collection when a big fat sold out is already written in their online shop! Crazy!

The Artisan Collection VI is composed of black printed tees, bomber jackets, baseball jerseys, and even cuffed kimonos! The collection screams edgy and has hints and doses of androgyny, definitely not your usual black ensemble!

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The Baseball Jersey is my personal favorite! Just by looking at it, I can tell that it’s made to perfection and it really is comfortable to wear. Plus the bold encryption of letters and numbers at the back made it phenomenal! I don’t know if I can call it coincidence but I’m really into mixing sportswear and streetwear nowadays, in fact I’m also wearing a baseball jersey on my next outfit post! Stay tuned!

The collection is now available for purchase – HERE
Like their fb page for more updates – The Artisan & Follow them on Twitter – Artisan Clothing


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