Team Elite

It has been a week or two since Creative Elite Operation released their newest collection entitled “Team Elite” and honestly, it was love at first sight, that’s why I told myself right at that moment “My readers have to see this! I’m gonna share it on my blog!”. School forbade me from doing so, but once I set my eyes on things, I’ll find a way to make it happen, and here it is!

I can’t help but be proud being a Filipino because of CEO. CEO is a homegrown streetwear brand with a vision of making people look good and feel confident through their clothes. What I like most about this collection is that they stayed true to their aesthetic – prints and massive detailing which only emerged from pure imagination! *slow clap*

If you think this collection is all about its design, you have to think again! CEO made sure you’ll stand out from the rest with their detachable & reversible collar, and reversible pocket flap! These are made perfectly for any occasion, whether you’re dressing down for a formal event or just opting for a preppy look.



CEO has a good news for everyone! These button downs from their recent collection which are originally priced at P2190 are now marked down at P1000-1200 only! They come in limited stocks so hurry and place your orders now!

You can check their site here: Creative Elite Operation. For orders you can email them at

P.S. Order everything except for the Tokki Stripes. Balato niyo na sa’kin yan. Haha!


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