Young Blood

Disclaimer: You might find the setting of this post familiar. Well actually, since I can’t get enough on how comfortable and stylish Offbeat Shoppe’s muscle tees are, I decided to make a sequel of my Forever Young post. With concerts and music festivals happening side by side, this “Revolution: The Beatles” I got from Offbeat Shoppe is definitely the bomb! This is a perfect laid-back outfit for any occasion since you can style it in many different ways – preppy, hippie, edgy, or even grunge! What I like the most with simple yet expressive tees is that you don’t have to wear so much details to get spotted because the shirt alone will give justice to your personal style.

On Justin: Revolution: The Beatles Muscle Tee (Offbeat Shoppe), Skinny Jeans (H&M), Watch (Timex)

Oh and before I forget, if you guys are going to attend Fall Out Boy’s concert and you’re a die hard fan, I suggest you cop the “Save Rock and Roll” muscle tee which comes in 2 styles: Leopard print & Cosmic print from Offbeat Shoppe and party in style! Like them on Facebook: Here and you might find something that suits your style.


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