Concrete Jungle

The weather has been unpredictable these past few days which made it even harder for me to think of an outfit that would be appropriate to wear (as a speaker) for a blogging seminar. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, please see my previous post: Bloggers Expo. So, what I did was I opted for a casual-grunge look and at the same time comfortable to wear. As much as I want to throw a few layers, the weather prohibited me from doing so that’s why I ended up wrapping a plaid shirt around my waist to give a little spunk to my outfit. What do you guys think?


On Justin: Stussy Shirt (Greyone Social), Plaid shirt used as a wrap around (Cotton On), Light washed Jeans (American Eagle Outfitters), Boots (Dr. Martens)



Lost count already on how many times I wore this Stussy shirt I got from Greyone Social. Cray! It fits well on my body and the cotton that was used was really soft and buttery (sorry I really wanna use that word. Haha!). Kidding aside, if you’re looking for a shop that caters well-known brands of shirt at an affordable price, I really suggest you go to Greyone Social. It’s my one-stop shop for buying streetwear clothes which you can only buy outside the country!

Photos by Jenine Mayar


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