Shades of SUPER

Summer is just around the corner which raises a question of what to wear when going to the beach. Luckily, we live in a country surrounded by thousands of islands that’s why looking for a place to spend our summer vacation shouldn’t be a problem. Most of you might say dressing for the beach is easy since it’s just a combination of tank tops and board shorts for men while bathing suits for women. But have you ever wondered what makes a “beach outfit” stylish

As I myself was thinking what could be the key item in attaining an eye-catching outfit, I stumbled upon this eyewear brand called SUPER. Later did I know that SUPER is the first brand to ever produce a complete range of colorful fashion sunglasses and at the same time, they are hand made in Italy using only the best materials to produce high quality sunglasses. Not only that, SUPER continues to stay at the top of their game by adopting ZEISS lenses which protects the eyes from all sorts of conditions. And as a self-confessed eyewear maniac/enthusiast, I must say that SUPER is definitely your perfect partner this summer! See for yourself!

Drooling and dying to know where to cop these babies? My one-stop shop, Greyone Social is now carrying these limited edition sunglasses. I repeat, limited edition. That’s why I suggest you start making your reservations NOW! You can call the shop at 729-0945 or visit them at Greenbelt 5. For orders abroad, worry no more ’cause they are now shipping INTERNATIONALLY!


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