The Operation

It has been a while since I last blogged and I kept on thinking what kind of blog post should I make to jumpstart my 2013 in blogging, something that will catch the attention of my readers. If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you’ll notice that I always feature different streetwear brands who never fail to inspire me the way they’re conquering both the local and international scene. One way of getting in the spotlight is by collaborating with famous yet talented designers which I know you’re all aware of. But that modus is about to change as SIX streetwear brands collaborate to bring extra flare to your summer! Yep, you read that right, not just one, two, nor five, but SIX! With Creative Elite Operation being the brains behind this alliance, it’s a collection you wouldn’t dare miss!

The Operation

CEO x Elevate

CEO x Elevate

Elevate Apparel is known for making quality snapbacks and tees at a very affordable price. If you can still remember, they’re one of the brands I predicted that will surely conquer the streetwear scene because of their swag screaming collections & teaming up with CEO just got a whole lot better!


CEO x Newspaper Boy Clothing

This collaboration right here between CEO and NBC is by far one of the collaborations I’m dying to see and of course wear! The fusion between Vintage Inspired Menswear which is Newspaper Boy Clothing‘s forte and CEO’s mastery in massive detailing is something we should all look forward to.

CEO x Threedown

CEO x Threedown

Break the rules and Stand out! I guess that’s the best description for this collaboration. Threedown creates the dopest tees from freshest ideas and if you’re a huge fan of Alexander McQueen and his skulls, then threedown is definitely your go-to store. Does that snakeskin design above have something to do with their collaboration? We should all stay tuned!

CEO x Groupe

CEO x Groupe de Ville

Groupe de Ville gets its inspiration from the never-ending growth of the sneaker and urban culture. They take the elements of culture into consideration and incorporate it in their craft. Expect a fresh and vibrant collection from these two brands for repetition and dull designs have no place in this collaboration!

CEO x Ambitious

CEO x Ambitous Clothing

Ambitious clothing is a lifestyle brand that is always “in the know”. They are the best when it comes to integrating streetwear art, pop culture, and world of music in their shirts! Anticipate a radical collaboration from CEO and Ambitious!

I, for one is excited for the alliance of these SIX equally talented streetwear brands. Are you? Join the movement and spread the word! Here’s the official page of this collaboration – “The Operation“. Oh, and by the way, I will keep everyone posted on what’s happening and the release date of this operation. So, stay stuned!


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