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We’re done with the season of gift giving and people are already looking forward for a brand new life this coming New Year. With an abundance of Top 10 Lists or the so-called “New Year’s Resolution”, I decided to give it a shot but in a “fashionable” way. 2012 has opened my eyes to both streetwear and independent brands, that not all good clothes can only be found inside the mall. That’s why I’d like to pay tribute to these brands who played it big this year, by putting them in my first 5! As for the remaining 5, I thought of sharing my thoughts regarding the brands that will most likely conquer the international scene next year. Ready? Here we go!

Obey x Generic Surplus

1. Obey x Generic Surplus Boots

If there’s a brand that deserves to be on top of my list then it’s gotta be from Obey or Generic Surplus! With Obey’s skill in designing and Generic Surplus’ craftsmanship, it’s no longer a surprise that they made it big this year. I’ve been eyeing on this gorgeous pair of boots for the longest time and if you’re generous enough to hand me one, you can cop them at Greyone Social, located in Greenbelt 5-Makati.

Flecktarn Native Parka

2. Creative Elite Operation Flecktarn Native Parka

One of the independent brands I look up to – Creative Elite Operation. Only few knew about this brand but with their determination and passion to make people look good, there’s no doubt they will conquer the streetwear scene next year! I already featured them in my blog but I just can’t get enough how really good they are in making their ideas come to life! Visit them here: Creative Elite Operation


3. Newspaper Boy Clothing Rocha Button Down

Newspaper Boy Clothing – A vintage inspired menswear produces the best button downs using the finest quality. If I were to describe this brand, it’s just appropriate to use the saying “The early bird catches the worm”. Do you know why? It’s because almost all their collections are totally sold out after a day of releasing it! That’s how crazy people are just to get a shirt from them. This Rocha button down is my favorite from their “Good Brews” collection because of it’s very fine details and color. Know more about NBC here: NBC

The Venturer 5 panel - elevate

4. Elevate ApparelMNL The Venturer 5 Panel

Aztec/Navajo prints may be a little off-season already but who would refuse to wear this “swag screaming” 5 panel cap from Elevate? Elevate offers fresh and laid back outfits for the modern men and women. Visit them here: Elevate

Crooks & Castles

5. Crooks & Castles

I’m not really a fan of snapbacks/fitteds but this particular hat from Greyone Social is simply irresistible! The design is good and the details are to die for! Definitely gonna visit the shop anytime soon, or perhaps on my birthday on the 30th! Again, you can find their store at Greenbelt 5- Makati. Check out their website here: Greyone Social

Now that my first 5 of admired streetwear and independent brands is already complete let us now look at the remaining 5 brands who will surely (I think) make it big next year!

Camo bear Adidas x Jeremy Scott

6. Adidas x Jeremy Scott Camouflage Bear

Yep, no need to mention how brilliant Jeremy Scott is for incorporating stuffed toys into a pair of shoes. To tell you the truth, I’ve been eyeing on a lot of clothes that has something to do with camo. Maybe I’m still on a STATUS Scout Trooper Hangover, you think so? This camouflage bear will be released by March 15, 2013, better start making your reservations!

Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault TH Sierra Dune LX

7. Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault TH Sierra Dune LX

Vans has been doing a lot of collaborations with different designers for the past few years already and teaming up with Taka Hayashi is undoubtedly one of the best collabs they’ve ever done! With ridged soles and premium leather, there’s no way that this pair will easily give up on you and your adventures.


8. Staple Design x Air Jordan XI Step’n Out Jacket

Who would’ve taught that a classic coat with thick wool could come along with leather sleeves and a varsity jacket type of design? Renowned designer Jeff Staple of Staple Design is the mastermind behind this masterpiece. I can’t wait to see basketball players wearing them before engaging into a game!


9. Sebago Vibram Soles

Forgive me for not getting the right name of this baby because as soon as I saw this jaw dropping design in Sebago’s FB page, I hurried myself and went straight to a mall to ask if they already have these in stores. Sad to say, the expected release date of this pair is by late January/early February. But one thing’s for sure, people will rock them right away including me!

Disclaimer: As much as I want to include another known brand who will make it big next year, a part of me is saying that I should include this independent brand who made it big this year and will continue to shine not only next year but EVERY YEAR. Allow me to introduce you to one of Manila’s well-loved brand – FLYING DUTCHMAN


10. Flying Dutchman

You can’t see this brand in any mall in the Philippines but talk about popularity in the cyberworld, this brand should be in the top spot! Flying Dutchman made a big impact this 2012 with their affordable yet modern pieces from Rucksacks, Button Downs, Tank Tops, Boat Shoes, Mid Cut Boots, and a whole lot more! After getting so much love in the internet and having countless online orders, they finally opened their first flagship store in The Collective – Makati. The noise that FD is creating didn’t stop there as they launched their newest line for the ladies called Flying Duchess! If you want to know more about Flying Dutchman, visit their page here: Flying Dutchman or visit their store!


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