Military Squad

After months of hard work, Creative Elite Operation has finally launched its Holiday 2012 “Elite Collection”. With a vision of creating original and innovative ideas, CEO‘s newest collection takes us into a whole new world of massive detailing! Go beyond what the naked eye can see and closely examine the details enveloping the Flecktarn Native, Duck Loops, Desert Storm, and Admiral Camo!

Flecktarn Native

Duck Loops

Desert Storm

Admiral Camo

Leave your overused jackets at home ’cause these camo parkas with Elbow Patches, Kangaroo Pockets, iPhone Pockets, and Detachable Hoodies  are surely gonna help you dress down for the holidays! If you think CEO‘s Elite Collection revolves around Parkas only, then you should think TWICE! They are just getting started and this is just DELIVERY 1! Let me quote from the guy behind this huge brand: “Good thing we don’t RUSH things!”. 

For more details, you can check out Creative Elite Operation’s page, HERE


One thought on “Military Squad

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