The GreyoneSocial Outbreak

The very first blog post I did for Greyone Social, entitled “Put that SWAG on” has been a crowd favorite and surprisingly, it keeps on coming back to the top spot even though it was published 2 months ago! A recrudescence if I am to describe or an OUTBREAK that infects a lot of people at the same time. With that being said, I decided to make another epidemic post that will surely make you say “I need more of this OUTBREAK!“. Ready? Here we go!



DISSIZIT Flying Blind Tee in Black

DISSIZIT 20 year Riot Tee in White

DISSIZIT I Hate You Tee in Black

DISSIZIT Crusty LA Tee in Black


DISSIZIT Liberty Cap

DISSIZIT Dbones New Era Cap


High Impact 2 in Black

Keep Watch Cartoon Tee in Black

Keep Watch Crest Starter Snapback in Black

Knockout Mop Tee in Gray

Death Adders Tee in Black

Death Adders Pinnacle Snapback in Black & Blue

Cycotiks Tee in Black

Cycotiks Starter Snapback in Charcoal


In4mation Mayday Tee in Silver

In4mation Cross Bones Tee in White

In4mation Tean Player Tee in Black

In4mation Aya New Era Snapback

Benny Gold

Pyramid Tee in Black

Script Logo Tee in Tie Black

Camp 16 Tee in Black

State Champs Tee in Navy

Hops Tee in Black


Greyone Social is a menswear shop located in Greenbelt 5-Makati that carries different international brands. Aside from the brands posted above, they also have Stussy, ImKing, OBEY and Rocksmith. They are also carrying shoe brands such as Civic Duty, Vans, and CLAE which are at 30% off! Like what I’ve said from my previous post, if you’re far from the area and you’ve been drooling on these babies for the longest time, Greyone Social can deliver the items right at your doorstep! (Some brands are actually on a free shipping!)

For more info, you can contact them thru their facebook account- Greyone Social or call their shop +632 729-0945, or better yet email them regarding your purchases at Let the OUTBREAK spread!


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