DU Manille: Hard Flesh

DU Manille, a manila based clothing label has just recently launched its AW2012 campaign entitled “Hard Flesh”. The collection consists of leathers, spikes/studs, jackets, skirts, and even accessories! Unlike their very first collection – “Insects & Bones” focusing on the colors black and white, DU Manille goes out of their ‘comfort zone’ as they accentuate bold prints and bright colors, targeting the world of fashion to sport edgy yet comfortable looks! Let’s all take a peek on what DU Manille has in store for us this season!

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/48440505 w=500&h=400]

Top: Black Leather Spiked Jacket
Bottom: Leather Fringe Skirt and Printed Tights
Accessory: Gold Scarf

Top: Black Polka Sheer Tank
Bottom: Sheer Maxi Skirt and Multicolored Reptile Tights
Accessory: Black Woven Hat

Top: Leather Sleeved Tee
Bottom: Black Leather Skirt and Spiked Leggings

Top: Colored Leopard Tank Top
Bottom: Multicolored Reptile Tights

Top: Black Leather Jacket with Spikes

Left; Top: Leather Sleeved Tee
Right; Accessory: Green Sunvisor with Spikes

Can I just say that among all the emerging independent clothing brands here in Manila, DU Manille should claim the top spot? I mean, come on! I’m slowly getting an eye sore from seeing the same pieces over and over again for decades! But for DU Manille, they never stop exploring and putting the right details on their clothes!

For inquiries/orders you can email them at: shopdumanille@gmail.com

Visit DU Manille’s page here: DU Manille
Follow them on twitter for updates: DU_Manille

P.S I already got my eyes on that leather jacket with spikes. To tell you the truth, I even watched DIY tutorials on how to accentuate spikes on clothes! Haha. That’s how obsess I am with that thing!


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