Put that SWAG on!

The most commonly used word nowadays–SWAG! It is how you present and style yourself or how you appear in front of other people. But have you ever wondered how to get that jaw-dropping killa swag!? As I search and search for clothes & shoes that will give me that SWAG, I stumbled upon this store named Greyone Social which sells numerous international brand of clothes at a very reasonable price! No need to go out of the country just to earn that SWAG! Greyone Social is located in Greenbelt 5 – Makati and if you’re living far from this area, worry no more ’cause Greyone will deliver the SWAG right at your doorstep!

Their newest drops and collection are to die for which I cannot wait to share with you guys! But before that, let me show you first how it’s done! Check out Greyone Social’s Lookbook!

UNDFTD Solid Poplin and Finger Tee x OBEY Classique Chino

Stussy V.Jacket and Twin Peak Backpack x Obey Classique Chino x CLAE


Tip: Make sure you have a pen and a notebook beside you before scrolling down ’cause you will be needing them in taking note of the product’s name you will surely love! Trust me :)

Stussy Parra Building Tee in White

Stussy Parra Worldwide Tee in Black

UNDFTD Technical Tee in White

UNDFTD Play Dirty Tee in Black

Raglan Tees in Red and Black

Firewater Tee

Classique Chino Pants in Amber Gold

Classique Chino Pants in Navy

Working Man Slimpants in Sienna

Mishka Lamour Tee in Black

Mishka Death Adders Tee in White

Mishka Tie Dye Tee in Black

Mishka Peace Mop Tie Dye in Teal

Mishka Lamour New Era Fitted

Mishka Keep Watch New Era Fitted

Vans Sk8-Hi Zip LX in Black

Vans Chukka Standard Issue LX in Total Eclipse

Vans Chukka Standard Issue LX in Castlerock

Vans Penny Loafer in Black/Castlerock

Vans Spectator LX in Brown/Burgundy

Vans Spectator LX in Black/Castlerock

Vans Era LX in Suede/Twill Canvas

CLAE Powell in Midnight Blue

CLAE Ellington in Denim Navy

CLAE Chamber Chestnut Canvas

These are just SOME of Greyone Social’s products. They also have snapbacks, bags, wallets, and even magazines that will teach you how to put on the SWAG! In short, Greyone got you covered! For more info you can check their site here including all their products – Greyone Social. You can also call their shop: +632 729-0945, or you can email them regarding your orders at greyonesocial@gmail.com. See you guys at the shop!

Shoutout to my friend, Ryel Medina for helping in organizing the photos! Check his awesome blog here: ryelmedina


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