Denim Blues

This is what I wore in an exclusive event for bloggers (see my previous post). Decided to wear a combination of a dry pique shirt and a denim jacket. I considered the bipolar weather that we are experiencing now in our country (Philippines) since you can simply remove the jacket if it becomes too sunny.

On Justin: Light blue dry pique shirt (H&M), Denim Jacket (People are People), Gray skinnies (H&M), Navy boat shoes (Timberland)

Outfit photo by the lovely interns of STATUS Magazine. Sorry for the awkward face (1st photo), I was sweating a lot that time that’s why I wasn’t able to project a more “outfit shot” worthy pose. Didn’t get to have my own outfit shots ’cause my class that day ended at 1pm and I have to be on the STATUS HQ by 4pm! Just to let you guys know, I live in the south so just imagine how I rushed myself to be on time for the event. Not complaining though since I had so much fun getting to know fellow bloggers in the industry. I’ll make sure that next time, outfit shot comes first before anything else. :)


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