Fashion Review: H&M

Went to Hong Kong last week to visit its prestigious tourist spots such as The Peak, Madame Tussaud (house of wax), Disneyland, Ocean Park, Science and Space Museum, and a lot more. I also took this opportunity to shop at H&M before leaving since we don’t have H&M in our country (Philippines). So I went to the nearest H&M store near our place in Tsim Sha Tsui and was shocked to see so many shoppers as early as 10:30am (opening). But the number of shoppers didn’t get in my way as I was so eager to try their clothes. And here are the clothes I got from H&M.


Light Pink Buttondown from the H&M Conscious Collection

Light Blue Pique Sweater

Yellow Pique Sweater

Bought 3 tops for only: HK$309 or P1730.4! Can you imagine that!? If you’re living in the Philippines, there’s no way you’d get 3 dope tops from a branded store for only 1700 pesos! What made me buy these items? They are all COMFORTABLE and EASY-TO-WEAR. Having a tropical climate + bipolar weather in the Philippines, you have to invest on clothes that are comfortable and easy to pair with shorts/trousers/chinos/denims. Like I always say, Casual yet Presentable.


Drain grey jeans

Drain black jeans. (Mine’s actually blue, I just can’t find one in their website, but the fitting is the same as this one)

2 bottoms for only: HK$549 or P3074! In H&M they call their skinny jeans as Drain Jeans, they also have other type of jeans such as the Bootcut, Straight, Slim, and Super Drain (skinnier than the drain jeans). If you think 3000 pesos is a huge amount to spend on jeans, you’re wrong! As a skinny guy, I find it hard to look for slim or skinny jeans that are actually slim/skinny. Did you get it? As for H&M, their jeans are the perfect Slim/Skinny ’cause it will really fit in your legs which gives you the best fitting to rock! Topman also has the best skinny jeans, but money wise, 2 H&M jeans will only give you 1 Topman jeans. I’m a big fan of Topman since their clothes fit my body and bone structure well, but if you have a specific budget to spend, invest on the cheaper but has the same quality.

P.S. If someone in H&M got to read this review, please do consider putting up a H&M store in the Philippines. Thanks!


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