Sky(e) is the limit!

Spent the first Saturday of the month with great people organized by the best party-planner (STATUS) at Skye, The Fort. The Keds x #STATUSEarthlyDelights party was beyond awesome and dope! Having a part 2 of this party definitely sounds good! This afternoon delight party is as good as partying at night! Or should I say this one’s better? STATUS never fails to throw a breathtaking party. Enough with the ‘story’ and let the pictures during the party do all the talking. But before that, I just want to thank Dan Buenaventura of STATUS Magazine for inviting us in this party. :) Thanks Dan! Alright, here’s what went down during the party!

Las Vegas’ DJ Fashen

There were also some  customized Keds Champion sneakers which were auctioned!

Artwork by Danika Navarro!

Artwork by CJ de Silva!

Artwork by Soleil Ignacio!

My favorite customized Keds sneakers was the one designed by Julius Sebastian. Too bad I can’t find a picture of it. The starting price for the auction was P1, 600 if I am not mistaken. Not bad for a well designed work of art right? :) Here are some of the event’s sponsors!

Sponsored by Selecta Magnum Philippines!

Outfit shots? Err. Not really. :)

With STATUS Magazine’s EIC – Ms. Rosario Herrera!

Grabbed some of the photos from STATUS’ album. I actually brought a camera but I can’t find its memory card #FAIL. Attending this party was actually the best way to end my summer. :)

P.S. Sorry for the super late blog post. I was on a trip in Hong Kong, a day after this party until yesterday (June 8) that’s why I didn’t have much time to squeeze in this one. 


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