Gluttony at its BEST!

Fine dining, local and international cuisine, sumptuous dishes, all are offered in one spectacular place. I had the chance to  experience all of these things with my family last saturday. At Acaci, Acacia’s very famous dining place, we all get to try the goodness of life. A place that’s not very far from the city, Acacia Hotels Manila lies. It is located at the corner of Commerce Avenue in Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang.

Acacia's Lobby

One thing that struck me most as soon as I entered the hotel lobby was  its distinct design. Their walls have different patterns, shapes, vibrant colors, and works of art that complement each other. Now, going to the main part which is all about devouring food at Acaci, here are some of the photos I’d like to share to you guys. :)

Assorted Sushi and Sashimi! And prawns. :)

Another range of cold cuts!

Lechon Kawali!

A Filipino Delicacy: Sisig

These are just few of the dishes that were present at that time and I don’t know how many times I went back just to try everything! Believe me, they are all delicious, and plus points for the very very beautiful plating/arrangement. As for their staffs/crews, they’re the best in terms of service! :)


Cream Puffs!

Ingredients for Halo-Halo!

This is my favorite part! lol. And I think we all agree to that? :) I was so kilig when I saw the ingredients in making a halo halo (another Pinoy delicacy). I mean most of the time we just order it in restaurants, mix everything, and eat it. But this time, I felt like I was a kid again pointing on the ingredients I like and beg my parents to put this, put that! But of course, I did it on my own, trust me, it’ll be twice the happiness if you get to put what you want and shout to the world that you made your own version of Halo-Halo! :) As for our pictures, here they are:

My brother, donning my dad's Oakley! :)

And yeah, me. :) With ze new hair!

I guess that’s it. :) Well, as I promised in my previous blog post, I’ll be undergoing a major hair change and this was the outcome. Not used to this hair ’cause I have to fix it everytime, but it actually looks good on me. Don’t you think? :) lol. Didn’t have time to take an outfit post ’cause I was rushing to meet a friend at ATC at that time. Maybe next time. :)


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