Inspirations & Desires

I’ve been planning to write this blog post for months already and I think now is the right time to share to you guys my list of inspirations and desires. I think it’s better if my list of ‘desires’ comes first for you to be surprised on who and what inspires me :) Unless you’re going to scroll it down and spoil yourself. Lol. So here they are.


White Roundtoe Interlace D-Ring Lace Up Creeper

Blue Suede Creepers

Alexander McQueen Gladiator Sandals

Mihara Yasuhiro Gladiator Sandals

As you can see, I’ve been obsessed with different kinds of shoes/sandals nowadays. Others might say dunks, kicks, plimsolls, boots, etc are way better than these cute babies. But hey, you don’t normally see people flaunting these things on the street or whatsoever.  And if you do, those are people to admire ’cause I’m 100% sure that they can pull it off!


G-Dragon of Bigbang

Francisco Lachowski

Would you look at that. *_* These two guys over here have been my inspiration for a long long time already. I’m not a k-pop fan or whatsoever but the thing here is, G-dragon has that sense of style that most guys can’t pull off. He’s a maniac in terms of creating a new style and later on becomes a trend! As for Francisco Lachowski, I don’t think I need to elaborate what this guy can do. One look, and you’ll definitely can say that he inspires a lot of people. :3 And last but not the least on my list (hey, I got a tongue twister over here! lol).

Top of Bigbang

 Since it’s summer here in the Philippines, I decided to reinvent myself and look for a style that is totally the opposite of me. When I saw this picture, the first thing that struck me was his hair. And since I’ve been considering some k-pop hairstyles, why not try this one? :) I have no knowledge in dealing with my hair so most of the time, I don’t care how messy it looks. So I’ve decided to give this one a shot. Wish me luck ’cause that change will happen this week! And I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for sharing your time with me and I hope you got some inspirations & desires in your mind too.


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