Fly High

Day by day we’re experiencing extreme singe brought by the blazing sun. And with that, I believe its already time to reinvent our fashion. Flying Dutchman already launched its Summer Collection 2012 few days ago and I must admit that their collection is more than perfect for the season. Their collection consists of leather, nubuck, suede, desert boots, graphic tees, button downs, and rucksacks! Here are just few of my top picks.

The moment I saw these items, I was like O_O. What’s good in their products are the colors, especially their boat shoes. Look at the Jib boat shoe! Its perfect for summer! Lovin’ the ocean colored touch! Anyway if you guys are interested in buying their products as much as I do, here’s the link for their page: Flying Dutchman Shoes I just want to feature them on my blog ’cause I know there are people out there who’re looking for the perfect clothes to rock this summer!


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