The Biker

On Justin: Blue Collared Shirt (Human), Panelled Leatherette Jacket (Forever 21), Indigo denim shorts (Topman), GreyPlimsolls (Topman)

New Year, New start, New beginning, and definitely a year to conquer! I do believe that 2012 won’t be the end ’cause we’ll prove those Mayans wrong! We started the year by doing things that makes us happy, so my friends and I decided to hang out at Solenad and took the chance to have a ‘fun shoot’. As you can see, Garage Magazine’s Dec-Jan 2012 issue is present in all photos. It’s because I joined the Topman: Top my Outfit Contest the Return. Although I am still waiting for any emails/news who won the said contest, but I’ll be very happy if I got to nail this one! Big things will arrive at my blog soon so I’m hoping that you guys will stay tuned on my blog! :)

Photo Credit: Mita Pangan (Click her name. It’ll link you to her blog!)


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