Last Friday of 2011!

Almost everyone’s out to party and to make the most out of their “Last Friday of 2011”. Dec 30, 2011 is the last friday of the year, AND it is also my BIRTHDAY! Before my birthday, I was planning to celebrate it in either Eastwood or Tomas Morato ’cause there are tons of scrumptious foods to devour there! But that plan was ruined by a surprise birthday party, my friends organized. LOL. To tell you the truth, no one ever organized a surprise birthday party for me in my 16 years of existence in this world ’cause its the day before the New Year’s Eve, this is the first time! *Sob* As much as I want to tell you guys the whole story how they invaded our house, I just can’t since it’ll be sooooo long. Let me instead show you some pictures :)
These are some of the foods we had yesterday. Cakes, Chocolate Fountain, Cupcakes, Pizzas, Baked Macs, and a lot more! I keep on asking them to eat and eat since there are lots of food but they keep on refusing. LOL. Seems like they had more than enough.
Left Photo: Jack and Jaycee with their Jeje Pose; Right Photo: Me and Pat.. And mom at the back. Lol.
Left Photo: The girls who made this birthday surprise possible!; Right Photo: Me with the organizers wearing the so-called kewl hats.
Left Photo: Us with the oh-so-famous wacky pose; Right Photo: And of course, JUMP SHOT!
I think that’s it :) Best Birthday with the Best People! Way to end 2011. To all those who greet me a Happy Birthday via facebook, twitter, or text message you don’t know how much it means to me. Thank you guys! And thank God for giving me such wonderful people, 2011 has been a blessing to me and my career. Happy New Year to all of you, celebrate New Year with a Bang and Boom! Just don’t lose any finger, okay? :) Wishing you all a prosperous year ahead!

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