Status Magazine Release Party – November Issue

If there’s one team that truly cares about their clients and readers, it’s no other than THE Status Team (pun intended) or the so-called “Status Wildcats” :). They’re having this monthly release party for FREE to give thanks to all the people who supported them in making their issues the BEST! Last November 4, 2011 they had their Nov ish release party at 7th High!

November Issue cover girl - American Rapper KREAYSHAWN!

MOB GIRL GONE GOOD! More of her on Status' November issue!

The crowd went extremely wild when DJ Euric played Kreayshawn’s “One big room full of bad Bitches!”

Everyone is invited to go to the event, all you have to do is email your names so you’ll be in the guest list (So come, join us next time!). Anyway, here are some of the pictures we took during the party. SLRs were not allowed inside since they have official photographers roaming around the event.

Bumpin bumpin' at 7th High with Janna and Jaycee!

All thanks to Status Magazine for having us and taking good care of us, my friends and I had so much fun! Oh, and special thanks to Dan Buenaventura and Kenneth Lim for helping us get in. You guys are awesome! :)


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