This shoot was by far the hardest Photoshoot I’ve ever done! We’ve traveled all the way to Tagaytay just for this shoot to be really amazing and worth all the hardships. We had this shoot at Palace in the Sky in the unfinished mansion of former President Ferdinand Marcos, that has been converted and renamed the “People’s Park in the Sky”. It is the highest place in Tagaytay City where  you will be able to see the three great bodies of water, which are the Manila Bay, Laguna Lake, and the Taal Lake. It is also offers a refreshing view of greenery of the whole place. Amazing isn’t it? Well, enough of those trivia and let’s move on to the real topic. Apocalypto is all about darkness, chaos, swarthiness, phantasma, iniquity, and the like. Here, I am searching for the light amidst the chaos of distress. My photographer actually got this whole idea from his idol, a very well known photographer BJ Pascual. Here are some of the photos.

On Justin: PostiveTEEs (Penshoppe), Red Jacket (Nike), Leather*ish* Jacket (People are People), Black Raw Denim (Bench)

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I never thought that the shirt that I’ll be wearing would compliment the background because of the scribbles/vandals written on it. LOL. Written on my shirt is: “Speak up, we all need to be heard”, funny thing is my shirt also complimented the entire theme since I’m searching for the light despite all the chaos and iniquity. The photo on the left is one of the best shots (for me) in this shoot. When I saw the greenery of those leaves, first thing that struck my mind was despite of the phantasma that surrounds the whole place, there will be hope and I found that hope in those leaves which will soon grow and fonder in the right time. Here’s more.

Forgive me if I post so many photos of my ugly face, its just that I am really obsessed with myself. ROFL. Anyway, these are just some of the photos during our Apocalypto shoot and it’s for you to judge these pictures. Sorry for the messy hair and the oily face. Haha. I really perspire a lot, although Tagaytay is known to be one of the coolest (in terms of temperature) place here in the Philippines. Just to let you guys know, after I post all the shoots I’ve done in the past, I’ll soon blog about what’s going on in my life since my blog’s title is Amoureux de la Vie which means “Lover of Life”. Keep reading my blog and I assure you that I’ll give you a daily dose of how life can really be amazing.

Photography: Carlo Saavedra –
carlomiguel.carbonmade.com; carlomiguel.tumblr.com
Lighting Assistant : Ryel Medina –


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