Shoot, Shoot that thing on me!

Last March 29, 2011 my friends and I had a little ‘fun shoot’ at one of our friends’ place in BelAir, right after our graduation practice. We called it a ‘fun shoot’ since it was our first time and everything’s just for fun/bonding. So forgive us if we don’t know how to do those stunning poses. But one thing I know for sure is that we did these stuff to show our passion for photography and fashion. :3 They asked me to go first so they can prepare, put on some make-up, and the usual things girls do before going somewhere. *Ya know what it is*
So, here’s what happened on our ‘fun shoot’.

“Cause even in the darkness her light shines the brightest”

   On Justin: Tank top (Hanes), Polka-dotted Shirt (101NY),  Texas Wild Cut Jeans (Bench), Aviators (Cotton On), Gladiators (Friend’s)

You can hype this look on LookBook: Hype me!
I had so many pictures taken but I’ll only post one coz’ it might look like a photo album. LOL. So I guess you guys wants to see photos of my co-models as well. It was Jaycee’s turn and she did very well.

Look how she managed to put a fierce look on her face and at the same time ‘play’ with certain facial expressions. Gotta love Jaycee’s poses. She also has a LookBook and you can hype her look here: Hype Me!
We also took this chance to collaborate with one another and the feed backs were awesome! Here’s what come out.

Jaycee is stunning in these pictures! I can actually label her as a killer. Her Lips are the gun, her smile is the trigger, and her kisses are the bullets! So guys, BEWARE!
After the two of us, it was Nina’s turn. Btw, she’s the owner of that very gorgeous place. The ambiance is great, as well as the green environment enveloping the whole place. Prepare to be stunned  with her model*ish* look.

Isn’t she lovely? She’s long-legged, gorgeous, and what more can a man ask for? Oh and Nina, your outfit was tremendous. You really pulled it off! Much love, Justin. <3
And to wrap everything, of course, we took this chance to have a group picture! These pictures wouldn’t be this great without our much loved photographer, Mita! She did a very great job, and take note, this is actually her first time doing a shoot!

This is my first blog post here in my blog and I hope you like it. More posts to come! Please, stay tuned! :> and all credits goes to our photographer: Mita Pangan. Read her blog as well: Read me!
P.S. I’ll start posting older stories until I reach new ones. So my blog won’t be that empty. Maybe one blog entry every other day. :>


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